ST.HILL Fashion for New Moms

Logan was the biggest inspiration after having him to try my hand at a new business. Having studied Fashion & Design at F.I.T. of New York and the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious design companies in the world, gave me the experience I needed to pursue a business of my own. 

I received my Certification as an Yoga Soft Flow Instructor and teamed up 

with one of Connecticuts leading OB's to kick off our first Mom's Brunch series 

featured here, where we invited leading experts and brands to promote, network 

and offer their experience and fun products for new moms. 

Spiked Seltzer I have to say is one of new favorite brands!

My awesome Mom Clients: Pop Singing Sensation, Singer & Actress Christina 

Milian with her beautiful baby daughter Violet and her amazing abs after!

Model & Actress Anne Yager proudly showing her wrap featured above 

in  the popular Purple Haze design and fitting back into her skinny jeans after her 

gorgeous baby Skylar! 

It takes courage to embark on the journey of motherhood and even equal courage 

to try starting anything new.  

I thank all my supporters who keep me motivated and inspired to continue helping 

other moms discover who they already are!